Brian Vincent Law - Attorney and Counselor at Law (lawyer, divorce, dui, grand rapids, Michigan)

Brian Vincent is an attorney at The Vincent Legal Group who handles cases involving personal injury, divorce, business law, family law, and criminal law including dui cases and more in Western Michigan.

On July 9, 2013, Brian Vincent Law grew and officially became The Vincent Legal GroupLearn more about our expanded team, expertise and legal services.

Meet Brian

Meet Brian, he's not your average Lawyer; not even close. Gifted with keen insight, a knack for thoughtful advice and understanding, not only do clients get personal service in practical legal matters, but also someone who helps you on an emotional level.

Legal Services

Brian's clients enjoy his pragmatic know-how that gets results. From straightforward legal needs to the stressful, sometimes life-changing legal issues you face. Whatever the scope of your situation, Brian and Vincent Legal Group have you covered.

Work with Brian

Having Brian and the Vincent Legal Group work for you couldn't be easier or more straightforward; they work for you. 

Attorney and Counselor Brian D. Vincent

Attorney and Counselor Brian Vincent is a trained mediator and arbitrator with over three decades of experience sitting on case evaluation panels as a plaintiff/defense evaluator. Brian has also served for six years on the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commision, three of which as the counsel’s chairperson.


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